What follows is a list of your reading assignments for the entire semester. There are links to each article in PDF form. There should be no more than 20 pages of reading per week. Let me know if any of the links are broken. The date’s indicated are when we will be discussing the readings in class.

Read for Friday, Sept. 9: The iPod Has Changed the Way We Respond to the Wall of Sound by Nikil Saval and The MP3: A History of Innovation and Betrayal by Jacob Ganz and Joel Rose.

Read for Friday, Sept. 16: Daniel Ek’s Spotify: Music’s Last Best Hope by Brendan Greeley and The Theology of South Park by Randy Fallows.

Read for Friday, Sept. 23: No reading assignments; no class.

Read for Friday, Sept. 30: Justin Timberlake: A Free Man in L.A. by Vanessa Grigoriadis and Funky White Boys and Honorary Soul Sisters by Paul C. Taylor.

Read for Friday, Oct. 7: Looking for Somone: Sex, Love, and Lonelieness on the Internet by Nick Paumgarten and Finding the Love Connection on Television: What are the Messages About Dating? by Carol Morgan Bennett.

Read for Friday, Oct. 14: A Woman’s Place: Can Sheryl Sandberg upend Silicon Valley’s male-dominated culture? by Ken Auletta and Sex, Lies and Video: The War on Girls by Joan Morgan.

Read for Friday, Oct. 21: Coke, Hookers, Hospital, Repeat: A Profile of Charlie Sheen by Amy Wallace and The Rude Warrior: A Profile of Mel Gibson by Peter Biskind.

Read for Friday, Oct. 28: The Day the Movies Died by Mark Harris and Up All Night With Amy Winehouse by Claire Hoffman.

Read for Friday, Nov. 4: Papa by Sean Flynn and Sailing By Ear by Michael Chabon.

Read for Friday, Nov. 11: These Beats Work by Sasha Frere-Jones and Jay-Z’s Great Champagne Robbery, which originally appeared in The Atlantic magazine.

Read for Friday, Nov. 18: Mr. Hannah Montana’s Achy Broken Heart by Chris Heath and The Soul of a Man: Who was Blind Willie Johnson? by Michael Hall.

Read for Friday, Nov. 25: No reading assignments; no class.

Read for Friday, Dec. 2: Dispatches From the R. Kelly Trial by Josh Levin and The Final Comeback of Axl Rose by John Jeremiah Sullivan.

Read for Friday, Dec. 9: In the Land of the Juggalos by Thomas Morton and Islam’s Answer to MTV by Negar Azhmi.

Read for Friday, Dec. 16: No reading assignments; last day of class.


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