5 Sep


The schedule for discussion leadership sessions is posted in the “Assignment Sheets” section of the class blog.

Have a great Labor Day. We’ll see you on Friday.



  1. Ginger Minock September 13, 2011 at 2:19 am #

    I would say only if the child truly enjoys and is passionate about dancing and or beauty pageants. It is a very thin line because at age six kids should be enjoying being a kid and establishing friendships and not thrust into the public eye with grueling long hours and tremoundous amounts of stress that shouldn’t know about until they are in their adult years. Another point of concern for me is that a childs parents might be trying to relive their childhood dreams vicariosly through their own children. This can cause parents to almost become drill seargeants, expecting perfection and being very judgemental , sometimes forgetting that they are still children. Which can lead to future self image issues or feelings of being inferior to others. Then you have to keep in mind the whole world is watching. You also can’t forget about Jonbenet Ramsey.

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